Head Coach & Coaching Partner of TTL


Table tennis enthusiast and coach, helping people of all ages find their love for the game. Taking the art of table tennis to new heights! He hopes to be able to encourage people from all walks of life to enjoy and loves the sport as much as he does.

Maxxe Tay

Coach Maxxe @ TT Lab |Former national team player and current coach. 7 years of experience inspiring the next generation of athletes to achieve excellence. Pushing boundaries and striving for greatness on and off the court.

Harrison Gan

Coach Harrison @ TT Lab | One of the most friendly and welcoming coach you can find. Harrison represented Singapore in the 9th Asean Para Games in 2017. He believes in raising up the next generation of players in Singapore. Coach Harrison is committed to helping players reach their potential through top-notch coaching and mentorship.

Keean Chuang

Coach Keean @ TT Lab | Plays a key role to TT Lab development since the lab was formed. Passionately inspiring the next generation of table tennis athletes. Bringing knowledge, passion and experience to the table for individual and group coaching sessions.